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Steins;Gate OVA

Ah, this was a lot of fun. It was like an extra episode of Steins;Gate! Which is what it was. I suppose there’s no reason for me to go telling people to watch this–if you’ve watched the Steins;Gate anime, you’re going to want to see this.
In this bonus episode, Okarin and Friends go to Los Angeles, which is about as hilarious as it sounds. Though it’s not a major episode in terms of plot, it does clue us in on what all the side characters are up to, and updates us on everything for Okarin and Kurisu to boot. So while the main purpose of the OVA is just to be entertaining for Steins;Gate fans (which it succeeds at), I wouldn’t label the whole thing as filler.
Plus, this OVA might even lead into the story for the movie coming out! I’m curious to see where things will go from here for this cast…

2011 Miscellaneous Favorites

Time for some random fun lists to finish off my 2011 Anime Palooza…

Let’s start with my favorites for voice acting in 2011:


2011 Favorite Anime Characters

Traditionally this sort of post would be done at the beginning of January, but there were a few more shows from 2011 I wanted to try, which I hadn’t had the time to watch before. I feel ready now, so here is the first of three posts dealing with all my favorites of 2011. Today I’ll focus on characters, next time I’ll pick my top 6 shows, and then lastly I’ll cover a number of miscellaneous fun categories.

Let’s start with my three favorite anime protagonists of 2011:


Steins;Gate (Ep 17-24)

Spring was a busy time for me last year, what with wrapping up college and all, so I missed out on Steins;Gate despite my interest in its premise. But as they say–better late than never. And wow! Steins;Gate is amazing. If you like good stories with interesting characters, you need to check this anime out. I even feel that Steins;Gate is the sort of anime that the industry has perhaps needed for a while: something that’s not only very well-written and has a fun, fascinating cast–but can also be easily enjoyed by those new to anime. Yes, there are anime tropes that are used in Steins;Gate, but the show does a great job with keeping the characters from going too far with their archetypes. There’s actually some real depth to them, and you really feel for them through their struggles. Which is pretty odd, considering just how bizarre and eccentric much of this cast is. But that’s completely how I feel about it.


Steins;Gate (Ep 9-16)

Many comments I’ve noticed online for Steins;Gate go along the lines of “the beginning starts off slow, but once things pick up about half-way through, the series is amazing.” And now I’m starting to see what people are referring to… WOW!
So last time I mentioned how I really liked the protagonist Okarin, thanks to his engaging personality and amusing antics. But now that the plot has taken a very serious turn, he’s likewise shown much more of his serious side. (Great voice acting by Mamoru Miyano, by the way. I was quite surprised to find out he’s the same guy who voices Light from Death Note and Tamaki from Ouran High School! Brilliant!)
At the same time, Okarin’s relationship with the rest of the cast has been expanded upon, adding more depth to the series in general. Much more is revealed about Kurisu, Mayuri moves the series forward in surprising ways, and Suzuha leads an especially brilliant subplot. This really is a series with a stupendous cast, where every character is interesting and multifaceted.
Along with the characters, the plot for this series is being handled really well. With each passing episode, Steins;Gate becomes increasingly exciting, and I’m always anxious to find out what happens next!

Steins;Gate (Ep 1-8)

Continuing my endeavor to catch up on 2011 anime that I didn’t have time for but really wanted to see, I’ve moved on to Steins;Gate… which is really good so far! I’m generally a bit hesitant toward time travel stories, but this show has been very enjoyable. And it’s all thanks to the colorful cast of characters.
The protagonist Okabe–AKA Hououin Kyouma–is absolutely hilarious as a self-proclaimed mad scientist. He’s certainly distinctive and memorable thanks to his zealous and dramatic mannerisms, coupled with his paranoia toward the (supposedly) scheming Agency of the future. But what’s especially nice is that he’s more than just a fun, quirky character–there’s already an amount of depth to his developing character, as evidenced by how he’s also a really nice guy, and is thinking of the ramifications of his time traveling discoveries.
The rest of the cast is also very distinctive, and it looks like they’ll all have some interesting back-stories to reveal in future episodes (or at least will take part in some interesting events). Perhaps what I like best about the show though is the way they all interact with each other. The dialogue is some of the best I’ve heard in an anime, and it’s thanks to their amusing conversations that I’m willing to try keeping up with all the time travel theories they discuss. Definitely looking forward to watching the rest of this series.


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