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Dropped Shows for Fall 2011

Perhaps I’m being a bit more of a critic than usual, but when I get bored with a show I drop it! Of course, I don’t start a show at all unless it sounds rather interesting, so these are shows I thought would be great, but ended up just not cutting it for me. Here’s a list of the shows I chose to watch for fall 2011, with the ones I dropped crossed out at the bottom:

  • Fate/Zero
  • Mirai Nikki
  • Kimi to Boku
  • Un-Go
  • Tamayura: Hitotose
  • Chihayafuru
  • Last Exile: Ginyoku no Fam

Fate/Zero has been really stellar, and Mirai Nikki has been very interesting, and gives a lot to analyze and blog about (BTW, my last two posts are lonely). The surprise show of the season is definitely Kimi to Boku though, which had a pretty slow start, but has now become a lot of fun to watch.
As for the rest of the shows, the reason I dropped each of them is pretty much the same for all of them: I just couldn’t care for the main characters.


Last Exile and the Delicate Art of the Spinoff (Ep 1)

First, some positives and negatives for the first episode of Last Exile: Fam Something or Other:
+ It’s Last Exile! A glorious return to flying steampunk ship battles.
+ The new protagonist seems fun (despite the ridiculous name).
+ The character designs, clothes, and ships all fit in perfectly for the Last Exile universe.
+ Superb animation. (Anime these days are doing a really great job in this department!)
- Rather hard to follow anything going on. (But I recall the beginning of the original Last Exile to be a bit difficult as well, so I’m not terribly worried about this.)
- Didn’t feel all the singing in the background fit in well at the start of the episode.
- I’m really not sure how to feel about a certain character being back in the show…
So overall I enjoyed the first episode of Last Exile: Ginyoku no Fam, and I look forward to watching more of the show over the coming weeks. I’m not sure how well it will bring in new viewers, but I can at least analyze how effective the show is as a spinoff. Note that there will be spoilers to the original Last Exile–which you ought to give a try if you haven’t yet. It has a wonderful setting, and the characters are great too (and the animation and music are splendid). It also has a great English dub, so it works nicely for newcomers to anime, with a nice fantasy adventure that’s easy to access for a general audience. But now: the spinoff series, Ginyoku no Fam (AKA Fam, the Silver Wing).


Favorite Anime EDs

Ending themes (what shows up and plays during the credits) can be a lot of fun–they’re generally quieter, more peaceful tunes than the opening themes, and the visuals are often more experimental (rather than reflecting what the show will look like, as the OPs do). Here are links to a few of my favorite EDs:
Natsume Yujinchou – nice and peaceful
Last Exile – captures Alvis’ viewpoint nicely
Vampire Knight – really creepy; and sung by Kanon
Nichijou – kawaii overload!
Manabi Straight – very adorable claymation
And here is my #1 favorite ED… I just like how it captures the emotion of the Angel Beats series so well.


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