Megalomania is Mega-Underrated

And mega-unscanslated/un-licensed. :<

One day while on some website (I think it was TV Tropes) I came across someone’s signature that strongly suggested a manga titled Megalomania. I decided to check it out… and I really enjoyed it! So there’s your proof that people actually do check out other people’s suggestions on the internet. This is a good reason for blogs by the way, right?

Anyways, it seems there are very few people who know about this Megalomania, to the point that even MyAnimeList’s entry for the manga isn’t sure how many chapters or volumes there are in the series. It’s apparently finished? It began in 2007, was drawn by a Daisuke Hiyama, and ran in a shounen magazine.

What’s it about? Basically this takes place some time in the future. There are humans and there are ajin–genetically-engineered people who originally served as slaves. They tend to have some animal and/or robotic and/or yokai-style qualities about them. At some point there was a war and the ajin were freed, but at the time of Megalomania the ajin are still only second-class citizens at best, as most humans still hold them in contempt. Our story is about a special police unit that deals with cases involving the ajin. The main protagonist is a girl who is half-ajin: she looks like a normal human most of the time, but tends to enter a demon-like ajin form when it’s time for a showdown.

Like that.

There are only six chapters scanslated, as far as I can tell–and it’s been a long time since the last chapter was released. And that’s unfortunate! But these six chapters are a rather fun read, so I suggest checking them out anyways. There is action, comedy, and drama–and they’re all handled pretty well. It’s nothing ground-breaking I suppose, but it’s just a solid series that utilizes an interesting setting in rather interesting ways.

One topic worth looking into is the artwork for this series. It’s not particularly great artwork–not too much detail, and there’s a sort of “sloppy” feel to it all in general as character models change depending on the mood of each panel (if that makes sense). There’s kind of a surreal atmosphere to it all, actually. I mean, at one point there are some ajin terrorists taking over a bank, and one of them has a rabbit head. You just have to roll with that. XD

What I probably like best about the series though is the main character. Canon is both funny and cool–not to mention quite admirable as she fights for both ajin and humans, despite the discrimination she often faces from both sides. She has her personal flaws to deal with, but is still a competent officer and a likeable character in general. It’s somewhat rare to get all that from a girl lead in a shounen series, don’t you think? So hopefully we can get some more of this series in English some day, so we can find out more about what happens with her and the rest of the squad.

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2 responses

  1. Ian K

    The art, especially in the fight scenes, reminds me a bit of Hellboy (not that I’ve read much Hellboy). But yeah, I ran into this a few years ago, and have been hoping to see more of it since.

    October 17, 2012 at 12:45 pm

    • Yes, it’d be nice to see more of this series! I’d like to think I’ve helped spread awareness of it at least a tiny bit. There’s so many manga out there though, that I guess there’s going to be a lot that will fall by the wayside.

      October 22, 2012 at 12:16 am

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