Pandora Hearts Ch 77

I just realized I still need to do a post for chapter 77! It’s not a particularly long one, but still it’s still pretty spectacular! I keep getting the rug pulled from under me with this series.

(Spoilers follow.)

Okay, so I was wrong yet again about another significant plot point… Jack isn’t just possessing Oz’s body… Jack *is* Oz! Or rather, Oz is possessing Jack’s body, which is apparently younger now than it was a hundred years ago. How this happened, of course, remains to be revealed.

The beginning was even more confusing, unfortunately. I’m not sure what to make of all this with Alice and Alyss and the Core of the Abyss. I will probably just need to read through the last few chapters again. XP The fact that Alice formed a contract with Oz though, of all people, is something that intrigues me. Could that really have been a coincidence? I’m not sure if that could have been part of Jack’s plans, seeing how the Baskervilles are trying to work against him. But perhaps even they were playing into has hand somehow. THIS MANGA.

At any rate, it’s nice to see Echo again. She was pretty amusing in this chapter, and it was nice to see her stand up for Gilbert at this time.

But that ending… GAH! It’s painful enough to see Jack take control of Oz so effortlessly at this point, but the revelation from Zai that Oz is indeed Jack… I don’t know how this works! Who is the Oz we knew in chapter one, precisely? That was Jack physically, but Oz mentally? Though now Jack is able to take control of himself mentally at times. I really wonder what will become of poor Oz before this series is through. ;_;

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