Fall Preview Via Manga: Code Breaker

Part four of my fall preview… This time I read the first volume of a manga called Code: Breaker. An action series, it sounds like?

Let’s see how this story plays out. Will the boy on the cover be too cool for school??

Chapter One: While riding the bus to school, a girl with the amazing name of Sakura Sakurakouji sees a boy burn a bunch of people to death with some crazy blue fire, and is apparently the only one who sees this. But then that boy–Rei Ogami–turns out to be a transfer student. Oddly, the confrontation that follows is… pretty silly. I wasn’t expecting this sort of comical tone after what I considered to be a grim beginning. And then, oddly, things get quite a bit more violent than I was expecting when random thugs enter the story. =/ Everything feels rather jarring (and in a bad way).

Chapter Two: So now our tough (but incompetent) girl has been saved by bishie lead, who can easily kill people with magical blue fire. To be honest, Sakurakouji has been a bit of a let-down to me, and Ogami feels all style and no substance. There’s a bit of a theme of “is it good for Ogami to kill all these bad guys” going on, but this sort of thing was handled much more interestingly in Death Note. And unfortunately the twist at the end of this chapter fell flat for me…

Chapter Three: To make more comparisons, Ogami reminds me a bit of the antagonist from Monster (an anime I never did finish, but really ought to…), in the whole concept of wearing a smile and blending in with normal-day society despite his ability to kill without the slightest hesitation. This was handled much better in Monster, though.

Chapter Four: And more of the same.

Final Thoughts: In the end I wasn’t too impressed with Code: Breaker. Even in just one volume, it felt rather repetitive, and I never really cared for the main characters. They felt rather generic in the serious scenes, and then kind of became parodies of themselves in the comical scenes. The art was good, but there was nothing else that stood out in this series.

Verdict: I’ll pass on both the manga and the upcoming anime. That said, I will still recommend fans of shounen at least check it out, as the premise and atmosphere may click with you much more.

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