Fall Preview Via Manga: Sukitte Ii na yo

The third installment in my preview of six upcoming fall anime is Sukitte Ii na yo, AKA Say I Love You. That’s right, it’s another shoujo! I feel like it’s been a while since we had some real shoujo anime, and now we’re suddenly going to have several all at once. Too bad they weren’t spaced out a bit better!

Oh well, let’s see how good the first volume of Sukitte is.

Chapter One – Our protagonist Mei Tachibana has no friends AND no boyfriend. AND no backgrounds. (Okay, I know shoujo manga isn’t famous for it’s detailed settings, but woooooooow.) A misunderstanding leads Tachibana to kick bad boy bishie Kurosawa down the stairs… and that’s HOT, at least to Kurosawa. Our two leads are rather… par for the course… but I was pretty surprised by the turn of events at the end.

Chapter Two – The characters are drawn in a style a bit different from your average shoujo manga. I’m not quite sure how to describe it–maybe rough and slightly more mature. Perhaps they just seem to dress more realistically than most manga characters. (ie They’re sloppy?!) At any rate, we learn more about Kurosawa here, and interestingly our protagonist is quick to discuss the rumors about him directly with him. The ending of this chapter was also pretty great. I’m not sure if cute is the right word for it. Sexy, maybe? Or something in-between.

Chapter Three – This time the story focuses on a couple side characters. Tachibana manages to help thanks to her observations and bluntness, and that’s pretty much the whole chapter.

Chapter Four – All sorts of issues crop up this chapter. Not everything is resolved, but we really get to delve into Tachibana’s thoughts on her relationship with Kurosawa. I think this chapter gives a good impression of this manga’s general atmosphere–it’s not a funny or fluffy series, but it’s not entirely serious business either.

Final Thoughts: The characters are pretty basic for the genre, the plot is rather simple, and the artwork is not one of the manga’s strong points either. But I do appreciate the down-to-earth feel to this romance story. The first couple chapters had a decent hook, but nothing really grabbed my attention afterward. The atmosphere keeps it from feeling generic though, at the very least.

Verdict: I will probably pass on the anime, but since there aren’t too many chapters I will likely read the rest of what’s available for the manga.

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