Pandora Hearts Ch 76

Yes, an Alice chapter! And wow, this really answered some questions. Wish this chapter was longer, but I’m still pleased regardless. (Spoilers follow.)

Alice has always been one of my favorite characters of the series, as I’ve empathized with her plight to–well, not be alone. The Will of the Abyss side to her seems to represent her fears of loneliness in some ways. But now that she has no choice but to be alone, it makes sense that she’s now forced to face that side of herself. Of course, Alice and Alyss are not really the same person (or ARE THEY), but there’s definitely a lot they hold in common… I’m not entirely sure how to word their relationship, or even just how different their personalities are.

Just as there are two of Alice, it is interesting that there were two of Oz (plush rabbits) as well–and that there was both an Alice and an Oz who sacrificed themselves… and a second who retained their memories. The bond between Oz and Alice is a big subplot of this series too, and I wonder how things will turn out for them in the end. I’m still trying to piece together the links between Oz (human), B-Rabbit (chain), and Alice (the “dead” one). And Alyss too, I suppose. This is definitely not a simple storyline to work with. x_x

Anxiously awaiting the next chapter! I wonder if there will be more to learn about Alice, or if we’ll go on to Oz, and how he somehow ended up a vessel for Jack.

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