Fruits Basket – Volumes 15-18

I’ve picked up the rest of the volumes of Fruits Basket from the library, so I should be wrapping up this series pretty soon. (It’s certainly taken me a while, hasn’t it?) At any rate, there is a TON of stuff that happens in these volumes, and I’m never sure how many spoilers I should give away in a post like this. If you’re reading a post labeled “volumes 15-18,” I would probably assume you’ve read most or all of the series already, and just want to see how I feel about the plot and character developments of these particular volumes. But I recognize passers-by who haven’t read much or any of Fruits Basket may be interested in my opinion of later volumes, just to find out if they’d be interested in diving into a shoujo manga series this long. So here’s my non-spoiler review in one line: It’s great stuff–but keep in mind there’s just sooooo many subplots going on that it’s difficult to keep track of them all, and for some of you all these depressing backstories may come off as melodramatic.

Spoilers Follow After the Jump

Random thoughts for these volumes:

  • It was all quite sad, seeing Yuki’s constant rejection and dejection as a child growing up ;_;
  • Yuki’s following realization for how he views Tohru was pretty intriguing, in contrast
  • The Sorta Cinderally play was absolutely hilarious (and very welcome amidst all these sad arcs)
  • Working in the Uo/Kureno subplot with this was pretty clever
  • The long flashback of Tohru’s mother was engaging, as revealed by Kyo (though I found it really odd that he of all people somehow learned this entire story…)
  • Yuki standing up to Akito was rather nice, and a nice way to show how much Yuki’s grown
  • The revelations concerning Kureno were intriguing, and those concerning Akito were especially surprising
  • I suppose I should have seen it coming though… every shoujo manga needs a reverse trap after all =P
  • Shigure of all people has surprised me as well! I’m not sure what to make of his relationship with Akito… (It still feels a bit off to me.)
  • I’m guessing Ren will turn out to be the true antagonist of the series then? I guess Tohru will need to heal Akito at some point somehow…
  • I’m still pretty indifferent toward the whole student council, but at least things are actually happening now with Yuki and Machi, who is fortunately (by far) the most interesting character in that group. I get the feeling they will become an item by the end of the series? They’re both nice and emotionally traumatized, so perhaps they’ll work well together.
  • Hatsuharu was awesome! He has the coolest look out of everyone in this series.

  • Overall the “resolution” (if we can really call it that) to the Rin/Hatsuharu subplot was nicely done, though I wish Rin could have accomplished something more there
  • And Tohru is finally realizing how she feels for Kyo… Maybe? It’s all too sad and cute.
  • Things feel like they’re starting to wind down, which is good since there’s only five volumes left. Hopefully the ending isn’t rushed, or feel too forced.
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2 responses

  1. Manga is generally good about endings unlike anime. I haven’t finished Fruits Basket myself (anime or manga) but I’ve been meaning to get around to it. I really did like the plot so I am unsure why I stopped. Maybe it was the reverse harem, thing? But your post has increased my interest in it again.

    August 3, 2012 at 7:28 am

    • I’ve been slow about reading the whole series since it takes some effort to get the books from the library (and when the option is available, I always prefer actual manga books to reading online), but all in all it’s great stuff–there’s good reason it’s held as a shoujo classic. The anime is great (including the English dub IMO), though it really only scratches the surface when it comes to how large the cast is, and all their interconnecting drama/romance-themed subplots.

      Personally I wouldn’t call Fruits Basket a reverse harem. There are *plenty* of bishounen of course, but most of them don’t really vie for Tohru’s affection. It’s mainly just a question of her ending up with either of the two main boys in the series, so it’s a love triangle at best (though even then that’s kind of debatable, since much of the romance in the series is more about characters coming to realize their feelings for other characters, rather than any actual competing).

      August 3, 2012 at 7:25 pm

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