Pandora Hearts Ch 75

Time to catch up with the latest chapter of Pandora Hearts… Chapter 75! I wonder if the series will make it all the way to 100? Considering what’s been happening these past few chapters… I’m thinking probably not. TT.TT But it will sure be exciting to see how things play out now. We’ve definitely passed a point of no return plot-wise. Now that everything about Oz’s life has been shattered, where does the series go from here???


The chapter starts off in flashback mode, this time focusing on young Oz and Gilbert. (I always like these scenes.) I find it interesting how insistent Oz is that Gilbert not call him master. It fits well with Oz’s personality, certainly–but this also hints at the fact Oz may subconsciously recognize Gilbert is actually Glen’s servant, not Jack’s. Of course, he doesn’t recognize this at the time, since he’s not even aware of his existence as a chain. (How Oz became human is still a mystery I’m anxious to find out…)

The other significant moment of the flashback entails Uncle Oscar and his camera, which was fortunately delved into in an earlier chapter of the series (providing the context behind just how serious this was for Oz to try snatching it). But it’s definitely an uncomfortable ending for this flashback. Uncle Oscar slapped Oz hard, a sort of violence that feels oddly similar to Zai’s treatment of Oz. We all know Uncle Oscar is a really nice guy, but it’s very unsettling that Oz has to have this dream, just when he needs comfort the most. It’s almost as if there really is nobody left for him to turn to at this point.

In the present, we find Oz is still alive, but has been detained by the Baskervilles, who have taken over Pandora and captured Break and Sharon. Fortunately we jump back to what happened after Oz was shot–but this turns out to be even more disparaging plot developments. Oz has realized that Gilbert is Glen’s servant, and he has realized it was (in a way) his fault that Alice killed herself all those years ago. Somehow that makes this current-day Alice disappear… Though I can barely begin to guess what this truly entails. Has she been sent back to the Abyss? Become one with Alyss in some way? Or is she just… gone? ._. GAH, YOU CAN’T DO THIS TO ME, PANDORA HEARTS.

And if all this weren’t enough, the chapter has to end with another crazy cliffhanger. I suppose it was only a matter of time before Zai showed up again. Will he reveal what is up with Oz, I wonder? Or why he is on the Baskerville’s side? And should I go ahead and expect some crazy plot twist for him, where we find out he’s actually a good guy trying to stop Jack’s machinations? x_x Well, the thing with this series is everyone has their motives, and to some degree they’re all willing to go quite far to achieve their specific goals and protect those who are precious to them. Zai has been clouded in more mystery than pretty much anyone else in this series, so I’ll be curious to see what he has to reveal to us next chapter.

There’s so many paths this series can take from this point on! I am so excited for the next chapter! TT.TT

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