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Trigun: Badlands Rumble

It took me a while to get around to watching this film, but hey–better late than never, right? Chances are though, if you’re a Trigun fan, you’ve already seen this. And if you’ve already seen this, then you know it’s good stuff. It’s basically everything that was great about Trigun, but made into a movie with top-quality animation.
Vash the Stampede is back, and he’s out to save lives, shoot guns, and eat donuts like there’s no tomorrow. And even better–Wolfwood’s back too, and he’s out to save lives, shoot guns, and smoke cigarettes like there’s no tomorrow. The film is entertaining from start to finish, and can be a nice way to expose new anime fans to the Trigun franchise, since it doesn’t require knowledge of the original show’s plot in order to follow what’s going on. It’s essentially a self-contained bonus story, and it manages to include all the central elements of the series. It’s got some really fun action sequences (particularly a really intense one with Wolfwood), a nicely-executed theme of not killing that goes along nicely with Trigun in general, and lots of great comedy sequences (that Vash… and those donuts…). It’s not the best Trigun story out there, but it works nicely for a standalone film.


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