Nekogami Yaoyorozu (Ep 4-12)

Back in the summer of last year, there were a bunch of anime I started blogging about, but then I got busy and dropped most of the shows (at least, the ones that weren’t exactly blowing me away, to put it lightly). Nekogami Yaoyorozu is one of those shows, and is a simple slice-of-life comedy of sorts starring a cat goddess who lives at a girl’s antique shop. There are a variety of other gods, and in general they’re all very silly. It’s all light fluff that, for me at least, didn’t get me to laugh too much–but it has its fun little moments. It’s cheerful and harmless, and the character designs reminded me of Touhou a bit. And if you like cats, you’ll probably get a bit of extra enjoyment from this show, since there are lots of them.
The series is apparently based on a manga that’s still going, so the plot that kind of started to (sort of) develop at the end is left unresolved. But that said, the main point for watching this sort of show is just to relax and watch the mischievous little deities have their fun. Perhaps my favorite thing about this anime was how nobody ever seemed bothered by the sight of a two-tailed cat-eared girl (amongst other non-human entities). In this way, the show is much like Squid Girl, since everyone seems to just roll with the supernatural circumstances. =P Anyways, cute characters, though there really wasn’t much substance to them. I did think the voice actress for Mayu did a very nice job though, capturing that nonchalant, mischievous personality perfectly. Give the show a try if you like this genre, and if the first episode clicks with you, you might have a fun one-cour to fill your free time.

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