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Anime Watchers Club – Aoi Bungaku

Starting this month, YumeState will be hosting the Anime Watchers Club, which will focus on weekly discussions for one anime each month. I wanted to share the news here to help spread the word! It will hopefully be a fun way to create discussions about specific anime that are not currently airing. In general, the anime we pick will be completed, not too long (13-26 eps), not too well-known, and will present topics that are interesting to discuss.

For April, we will watch Aoi Bungaku. This is likely an anime you’ve at least heard of, since it was pretty critically acclaimed a few years ago when it aired. It’s an adaptation of multiple works of classic Japanese literature, so I think there will be plenty of topics for us to delve into.

Feel free to visit this link to learn more, and if you’re interested in participating, be sure to watch eps 1-4 of Aoi Bungaku by Sunday, April 8th! And if you’re on MyAnimeList, you can join the club at this link, too. Be sure to let your friends know too, if they’d be interested in this sort of thing. And if Aoi Bungaku’s not your thing, stay tuned for the anime we will watch in future months, which will likely cover a wide range of genres.


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