An Odd Bunch: Mirai Nikki’s Eccentric Cast (Ep 2-7)

The world’s most shocking monsters!

This was probably the show that intrigued me most for the fall anime season–and for good reason. The first two episodes were really intense! Mirai Nikki is an exciting show with a clever premise, fast pacing, and a unique relationship for the main two characters.
But if I were to pin one word down to describe the show now, it would probably be… bizarre.
Or eccentric, I suppose. The point is, the diary owners in this show are not normal at all, which has been troubling for many viewers. But I feel that it is precisely because these characters are so strange, that they were the ones hand-picked to receive the future-revealing diaries.

Probably not what you’d find when you Google “mirai nikki axe crazy.”
(Well, until now, perhaps.)

As I talked about in my first Mirai Nikki post, the protagonist of the show is Yuki–easy to relate to in the fact that he just does not want to die. But here’s the interesting thing: Deus ex Machina finds Yuki interesting! And I find that interesting. Average viewer reaction: Why would this god of time and space find Yuki of all people fascinating, when there’s the likes of a yandere, a serial killer, a frenzied terrorist, an inscrutable detective, a duplicitous cult leader, a blind superhero-wannabe, and a psychotic five-year-old?
It’s hard to say at the moment, but I almost feel like Deus ex Machina has prepared this whole deathmatch with Yuki in mind. Deus and his assistant were Yuki’s imaginary friends–and it seems that the other diary owners did not know of Deus until they were given future diaries by Deus’s assistant. So it appears Deus has a connection with Yuki that he does not have with anyone else.
What is it this god of time and space sees in Yuki?
Similar question: What does Yuno see in Yuki?

Maybe she just likes his cool hat.

The best answer I can come up with at the moment is the simple fact that Yuki is more or less detached from reality. He lives as normal a life as he possibly can, doing nothing to stand out or to connect with others. Instead he lives as an observer, noting all the random things that other people do–people he doesn’t even really know or care about. There’s no rhyme or reason to it. There is little to no meaning for it–and in turn, there is little to no meaning to Yuki’s life in general. The saying goes “no man is an island,” and that is certainly true for Yuki–but if we’re to pin a piece of geography on him, perhaps it would be a mountaintop. It’s part of the mainland, but it’s pretty cold and lonely–and yet can see everything happening around it. (Unfortunately for Yuki, he’s also relateable in the fact he’s no genius. So far he’s jumped back and forth between moments of sheer obliviousness, to moments of clever ingenuity–it remains to be seen if his more daring moments will become a more regular part of his character.)


Is this “detachment from reality” something that Deus sees as a good trait for a god of time and space? And is this a quality that Yuno has latched on to in her morbid infatuation with Yuki? And in choosing Yuno as a diary owner, didn’t Deus essentially decide he wanted to push for a Yuki x Yuno pairing? Is Deus just trying to make this future diary game as entertaining and dramatic as possible, or is there a reason for this?
Lots to consider, but in the meantime there’s plenty of zaniness going on as the rest of the diary owners do all they can to kill each other. I’ve found most of the characters rather interesting so far (albeit short-lived). The characters in general in Mirai Nikki are very extreme. They go all-out with their (ridiculous) plans and schemes, and for the most part are easy to label as “not realistic” in any way. But the thing is, there are some really weird people in the world–we’ve all heard a news story from time to time about a really messed-up serial killer, or a disabled person who performs amazing feats, or a little kid who is ten times smarter than he has any right to be. These people are fascinating, right? I imagine Deus feels the same way–and hence why these characters were chosen for the game.

I really thought Twelfth was going to last longer. He was smart to keep his identity secret!
Oh well.

That said, while I am still anticipating watching the rest of this series, I do feel that some of the intensity has been lost when things have gotten a little too ridiculous… Prime examples include Twelfth’s hypnosis-zombies and Yuno’s ability to note the minute change in weight of a cherry tomato… And these moments just come off as silly.
There are just a few more diary owners left for us to meet, and I’m curious to see how bizarre they will all be. Since there’s still a ways to go before the series’ ending, I imagine the rest of the diary owners will be more cautious than the likes of Fifth or Twelfth. Or at the very least, will have greater advantages than those who have died before them.

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