Dazzle – Volume 5

Volume 5 of Dazzle goes from chapter 33 to 39, and covers quite a bit of ground for the ever-expanding cast of characters.
After finishing the story “After the Flowers Bloom,” the manga includes a brief “intermission” with Rahzel, Alzeid, and Baroqueheat, which turns out to be one of the most hilarious segments I’ve read in a manga. But after this reprieve, things become more serious in the story “One Cold Winter Day.” There are two main plots to this short arc–one to give some hints to Baroqueheat’s past, including a mysterious woman named Natsume, and then the introduction of a character named Rayborn, who is first shown performing a suicide jump off a cliff. Baroqueheat and Rahzel manage to save him, and Rayborn ends up a part of the group.
Rayborn’s story is an interesting one, and Minari Endoh does an excellent job creating a new voice to join in to the colorful dialogue of the mismatched cast. He’s this sort of gloomy boy who doesn’t really like anything the rest of the group likes, and ends up being quite easy for everyone to poke fun at and “whip into shape.” That’s how things roll in Dazzle, and he ends up becoming a good friend. After dealing with Rayborn’s father, Rahzel and Rayborn engage in some of the best dialogue in the series, I felt. After Rahzel says she likes Rayborn–something he’s never heard before–she agrees to say it as many times as he’d like, as long as they’re friends. Rayborn obstinately requests she tell him that 100 million times then, and then the following page of dialogue ensues (see top pic).
The story titled “The Ephemeral Position” then brings in some action as well as some plot developments relating to Alzeid and his past. First a mysterious little boy who bears similarities to Alzeid appears to Rahzel, and later assassins come in hopes of killing Alzeid. The situation ends up more grim than I was expecting, but things were bound to get more dangerous for the cast eventually.
All in all another excellent volume to what is easily one of the most enjoyable manga series I’ve read. I’ll just share another pic from this volume, though there’s so many good scenes to choose from…
Context: Rayborn has “officially” become Alzeid’s friend, so Rayborn pulls out a game of Twister (of all things) in hopes of playing with Alzeid (who is about the last person you’d want to try to get to play a game with). Alzeid tells Rayborn to play with Rahzel instead, and then this dialogue follows. (Read manga right to left.)

I just like how Alzeid manages to chuck a pillow at Rayborn before Rayborn has even finished suggesting they have a pillow fight. The gag of an instantaneous, dramatic comeback is a common joke in the series, but one I always find amusing.

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